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List of Schools in All PPD for Year 2012.
No. PPD School Name School Domain Name
1Pulau PinangSJKC CHONG CHENGsjkcchongcheng.edu.my
2Pulau PinangSJKC CHUNG HWA CONFUCIAN Asjkcchunghwaa.edu.my
3Pulau PinangSJKC CHUNG HWA CONFUCIAN Bchunghwab.edu.my
4Pulau PinangSJKC JELUTONGsjkcjelutong.edu.my
5Pulau PinangSJKC POI ENGsjkcpoieng.edu.my
6Pulau PinangSJKC SHANG WUshangwu.edu.my
7Pulau PinangSJKC SUM SUNssxxpp.edu.my
8Pulau PinangSK PULAU BETONGskpulaubetong.edu.my
9Pulau PinangSK SERI BAYUskseribayupenang.edu.my
10Pulau PinangSK SUNGAI BATUsksungaibatu.edu.my
11Pulau PinangSK SUNGAI GELUGORsksungaigelugor.edu.my
12Pulau PinangSK SUNGAI PINANGsksungaipinang.edu.my
13Pulau PinangSK TELOK BAHANGsktb3011.edu.my
14Pulau PinangSMJK SACRED HEARTsmjksacredheart.edu.my
15Pulau PinangSJKC HUN BINsjkchunbin.edu.my
16Pulau PinangSJKC KONG MIN CAW 2kongmin2.edu.my
17Pulau PinangSJKC KONG MIN PUSATsjkckongminpusat.edu.my
18Pulau PinangSJKT BAYAN LEPASsjktbayanlepas.edu.my
19Pulau PinangSK BALIK PULAUskbalikpulau.edu.my
20Pulau PinangSK BAYAN LEPAS 2skbayanlepas2.edu.my
21Pulau PinangSK BAYAN LEPASskbayanlepas.edu.my
22Pulau PinangSK TITI TERASsktt.edu.my
23Pulau PinangSMJK PHOR TAYsmjkphortay.edu.my
24Pulau PinangSK SUNGAI KOROKsksungaikorok.edu.my
25Pulau PinangSMK SERI BALIK PULAUsmkseribp.edu.my
26Pulau PinangSMK TELUK BAHANGsmktbg.edu.my
27Pulau PinangSMK CONVENT PULAU TIKUSsmkcpt.edu.my
28Pulau PinangSMK BATU MAUNGsmkbatumaung.edu.my
29Pulau PinangSK CONVENT GREENLANEskcglpp.edu.my
30Pulau PinangSK BAYAN BARUskbayanbaru.edu.my