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 Does the Respondent have to pay anything to the Provider?

A Complainant bears all the Fees, except where the Respondent chooses a three-member Panel rather than the single-member Panel the Complainant originally chose. In such cases, the Respondent must pay for half of the Fees for the three-member Panel within 15 working days from the date of commencement of the Proceeding.

 What are the Fees for a complaint on the registration and use of a single domain name?

For a single domain name, the total Fees for a single-member Panel amounts to RM 2500, whereas for a single domain name submitted for decision to a three-member Panel the total Fees costs RM 5000. (More on this in the Schedule of Fees prepared by the Regional Centre for Arbitration Kuala Lumpur).

 To whom does the Complainant address these payments?

The Complainant should make payment by bank draft or telegraphic transfer in favour of the Regional Centre for Arbitration Kuala Lumpur (please refer to the Schedule of Fees for account details).

 I am a Complainant who recently withdrew the Proceeding before a Panel was appointed for the Proceeding. Will I receive a full refund of the Fees I paid?

Rule 21.5 of MYDRP Rules states that if the Complainant withdraws a Proceeding before a Panel is appointed, the Provider retains the administrative fees, while the Complainant and Respondent will receive a refund of the Proceeding fees paid (please refer to the Schedule of Fees for details of the fees).

 Does this mean the Complainant and/or Respondent can request refunds at anytime?

Refunds will not be made once a Panel has been appointed.

Where refunds are payable, the Regional Centre for Arbitration Kuala Lumpur provides refunds on Proceeding fees within 7 working days from the date the Proceeding is withdrawn.