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1. What is Punycode and what is it used for?

Punycode is a sequence of ASCII characters that all IDNs will be encoded into in order for the Domain Name System (DNS) to understand and manage the names.

The intention is that domain name registrants and user will never see this decoded form of a domain name.

It is an algorithm that uniquely and reversibly transforms Unicode strings into the limited character set supported by the DNS. A converted IDN contains only IRA (International Reference Alphabet) characters and starts with the “xn--” prefix.


2. What is Unicode and what is it used for?

Unicode is a universal character set supporting every written script/language. It provides a universal way of encoding characters of any language, regardless of the computer system or platform being used.

3. Do I need to convert my IDN into punycode format for registration?

No, you can register your IDN by using the provided virtual keyboard and system will auto convert the native character into punycode after you submit your IDN registration.

4. Can my IDN be used as a nameserver?

Yes, however the punycode version would need to be used.

5. How do I use IDN with my email?

MYNIC is an administrator for .my domain name. For email services you will need to check with your email hosting provider. However, at present, most email clients and mail transport agents (MTAs) do not support internationalized email addresses i.e. IDNs, since there is an issue to the compatibility with the existing email systems