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1. Can anyone register for domain names?

Organisations are permitted to apply for .com.my; .net.my; and .org.my. Organisations have to provide MYNIC with proper documentation to prove their company status when applying.

Individuals aged 18 and above, holding a Malaysian National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) can apply for personal domain names (.name.my)
The second level domain name (.my) can be registered by all Malaysian entities whether organisation /individual as it is free of categorisation.
As for .edu.my; .mil.my; and .gov.my, the registrations are directly under MYNIC and only certified agencies under the education, military and government sectors can apply for those names.

2. How many domain names can be registered?

There is no limitation number of domain names for all categories.

3. What if applicant is not Malaysian?

The applicant must have valid proof of residing in Malaysia, have a valid passport and aged 18 and above.

4. What if applicant is Malaysian but currently living abroad?

This would only apply for individual applicants, the name can be registered as long as applicant states NRIC number and aged 18 years and above.
For businesses, companies have to have a presence in Malaysia to be able to register a domain name.