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1. What is MYNIC Whois Service?

MYNIC WHOIS service is an online facility to check the details of a .my domain name registration. This extended domain name search facility replaces the previous lookup service. MYNIC has added several types of searches for user's ease of use.

The WHOIS service can be accessed through:

2. How to query using Whois?

Please refer to the help facility provided on .MYNIC Whois Service.

The query through port 43 can be accessed by typing "whois -h whois.mynic.my #h" using a Whois client software.

3. What information is provided in the Whois Service?

The different types of searches are:

1. Search by Domain Name

For personal domain names, the following information appears:

Note: The details of contact person are limited to certain information for privacy purposes.

For all other domain names, the following information appears:

2.Search by Registrant Name

  • Registrant Name(s)
  • Registrant code(s)
  • Record last updated

3. Search by Registrant code

  • Registrant details (ROC, address, tel. , fax)
  • Record last updated

4.Search by Contact Person's code

For personal domain names:

  • Contact Person details (name, e-mail address)
  • Record last updated

For other domain names:

  • Contact Person details (name, organisation name, address, e-mail address, tel, fax)
  • Record last updated

5. Search by Name Server hostname

  • Name Server hostname(s)
  • IP address(s)
  • Name Server code(s)
  • Record last updated

6.Search by Name Server code

  • Name Server hostname
  • IP address
  • Record last updated

7. Search by IP address

  • Name Server hostname(s)
  • Name Server code(s)
  • Record last updated

4. What should I do if my information is incorrect/out of date?

All users must ensure that their .my information is correct and up-to-date at all times.

You can update your information by accessing MYNIC's online modification form at here.