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1. Can any name be registered as a domain name?

All domain names will end with the preferred category. The domain name label to the left of the chosen domain name should reflect applicant's company/personal name. However nicknames are common. Because registration is on a `first come, first served` basis, domain names must not:

  • have already been registered to another applicant
  • be the subject of an application currently under consideration by MYNIC or
  • using any sensitive/vulgar words that is prohibited by MYNIC

Doing a search using the MYNIC Whois Service will reveal if your chosen domain name is available.

2. What are MYNIC's naming conventions?

Before applying for your domain name, please read MYNIC’s rules on domain names for guidelines on choosing a domain name

3. Does MYNIC check on applicant's choice of domain name?

MYNIC is the sole arbiter of domain names choice violations. However, as far as third party rights are concerned, it is not MYNIC’s duty or responsibility to screen requested domain names to determine whether the use of a domain name by a Registrant may infringe upon the right(s) of a third party.
By applying for the domain name, the applicant certifies that, to his/her knowledge, the use of this name does not violate Malaysian trademarks, intellectual property, or other laws and that the domain name is not being registered for any activities not permitted under any law of Malaysia.
Any disputes between parties over the rights to use a particular name are to be settled between the contending parties using normal legal processes. MYNIC does not act as arbiter of disputes.
For trademark related domain name disputes, these are governed by MYNIC’s Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (MYDRP). Please click here for the FAQ on MYDRP.