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1. How much is registration?

Please check the Fees Schedule.

2. What does it entitle the registrants for?

The fee entitles applicant to domain name and one corresponding e-mail address (with e-mail forwarding service only for .name.my) for one year.

3. Is there a renewal fee?

Yes, you have to renew your registration annually. Details are in the Fees Schedule.

4. Will an invoice be sent to the applicant?

Your Invoicing Party will inform you via e-mail when your domain name is up for renewal.  For details on your Invoicing Party please use our Whois service.

5. What happens when my domain name is suspended?

Suspension of domain name means the domain name is removed from the DNS. All domain name related activities cease functioning, for e.g. websites and e-mail will not work once your domain name is suspended. However, your domain name remains registered. Your domain name is deregistered (i.e. made available to the public) only upon the deletion of your domain name.