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1. Can I change my forwarding e-mail address anytime?

Yes, click here for details.

2. Will applicant be provided with e-mail forwarding service to compliment the domain name?

No, e-mail forwarding service will not be provided to other domain name categories apart from .name.my as a value added service to the customer.

3. Will there be a separate fee for getting the e-mail forwarding service?

No, it comes as part of your personal domain name registration. Likewise, the e-mail forwarding service which forwards e-mail from this .name.my address to any e-mail address you specify.

4. Can the UserID for the e-mail address be different from the domain name?

No, the label to the left of your domain name automatically becomes your UserID in your e-mail address. For example, if your domain name is azlin-hassan.name.my, your e-mail address will automatically be azlin-hassan@name.my. This is not to be confused with the UserID and password required to access domain name information.