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1. What is a MYNIC Reseller?

Resellers are partners officially appointed by MYNIC to handle domain name registration (DNR) on behalf of MYNIC for the .com.my, .net.my, .org.my and .name.my domain names. Resellers have personnel dedicated to providing this service, a list of whom MYNIC maintains.

Resellers are also authorised to collect MYNIC domain name registration fees for the above three domain names, from you (i.e. your organisation, the Registrant). Please note that you do not have to pay any additional fees to the Reseller to register with them. All domain name registration fees charged are imposed by MYNIC (see below).

In addition to registration, Resellers offer their own other services such as domain name hosting and data services. However, you are not bound to subscribe to these services when you register with them. For more information on non-MYNIC services, please refer to the respective Resellers.

Please note that submitting a domain name registration form does not guarantee registration of the domain name. You must conform to MYNIC’s procedures and policies, which your Reseller will explain to you or which you can look up here.

2. Where does MYNIC come in?

Once you have applied to register your domain name with a Reseller, your application will go to MYNIC for approval. Only MYNIC can approve or reject domain names. MYNIC also sets and charges .my domain name registration and renewal fees, and maintains an updated list of Resellers.

3. Do all Resellers offer the same .my domain name registration service?

Yes, all Resellers offer the same domain name registration service. They are obliged to handle all domain name registration requests and must abide by MYNIC’s Reseller Programme Policies And Procedures, which outline their duties and service levels.

However, what may differ, are the other services that Resellers may choose to bundle with the domain name registration services, such as domain name hosting and data services. MYNIC is not responsible for these other services and the Registrant is not obliged to purchase these other services.

4. What do Resellers do with domain name registration information I pass them?

Resellers are partners who act only on behalf of MYNIC. All information collected on behalf of MYNIC, that is connected to domain name registration, are proprietary to MYNIC and will not be transferred, given or sold to any party.

Resellers are not allowed to distribute domain name data information, including but not limited to the domain name, registrant, contact persons, server, registration, expiry and billing information.

5. Can I register with a Reseller online?

Yes, please select a Reseller from the Reseller list.