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1. Whom do I contact to find out the status of my application?

MYNIC will notify you via e-mail throughout these stages of the processing:

  • submission of your application;
  • upon confirmation of your application by Reseller;
  • acceptance or rejection of your domain name by MYNIC.

2. What if my application was rejected by MYNIC because the Reseller made a mistake?

That is not likely because the onus is on you to check the accuracy of the information before it's submitted; in particular, double-check the domain name and Registrant information. Submitting the application form means you have confirmed your application and verified the information. However, if in doubt, contact MYNIC.

3. To whom do I appeal if my application is rejected?

4. Can I change Resellers halfway through if I am not happy with the service?

You are free to go to any Reseller at any stage of your domain name registration process. However, note that your domain name registration is separate from any other service you might purchase from a Reseller. MYNIC is not responsible for any other agreements for services, which you might have signed with them. 

5. Does a Reseller have the right to reject my application?

Yes, if your application does not conform to MYNIC policies and procedures, for example over choices of domain names, and not fulfilling the requisite of having a local presence. If in doubt, check the MYNIC homepage.

6. Is there a list of authorised resellers?

Yes. Note that you should register your .my, .com.my, .net.my, .org.my and name.my domain name only with a MYNIC Reseller who appears on this list. If you are recommended or are approached by companies or individuals claiming to be MYNIC Resellers, and they do not appear on this list, contact MYNIC immediately.