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You may apply to make modifications to reflect a legal name change, if you are, for example:

  • a company registered under the Companies Act 2016,
  • a business registered under the Business Registration Act 1956, or
  • a society registered under the Societies Act 1966.

For details on how to apply to make modifications, please refer to the section on Modifying your domain name record.

You must furnish the relevant supporting documents as stated below, to .my DOMAIN REGISTRY. Your application will be approved after the application and relevant supporting documents have been received and verified.

Supporting Documents for organisations certified by the Malaysian ROC, ROB and ROS

Company pursuant to Companies Act 2016 (Akta Syarikat 2016) Certification (Perakuan Pendaftaran) by Registrar of Companies (Pendaftar Syarikat) i.e.
  • Borang 8 (Perakuan Perbadanan Syarikat Awam)
  • Borang 9 (Perakuan Pemerbadanan Syarikat Sendirian)
  • Borang 13 (Perakuan Pemerbadanan Atas Pertukaran Nama Syarikat)
  • Borang 19 (Perakuan Pemerbadanan Atas Pertukaran Menjadi Syarikat Persendirian)
  • Borang 83 (Certificate of Registration of A Foreign Company)
  • Borang 83A (Certificate of Registration of Change of Name of A Foreign Company)

Business pursuant to Business Registration Act 1956 (Akta Pendaftaran Perniagaan 1956)

Certification (Perakuan Pendaftaran) by Registrar of Business (Pendaftar Perniagaan) i.e.
  • Borang D
Society pursuant to Societies Act 1966 (Akta Pertubuhan 1966) Certification (Perakuan Pendaftaran) by Registrar of Societies (Pendaftar Persatuan) i.e.
  • Borang 3 Peraturan 5 Peraturan 7(1) (Kebenaran Menukar Nama)
  • Peraturan 7(4) (Sijil Kebenaran untuk penubuhan cawangan)

Note: These Supporting Documents will be updated from time to time.