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Deleting your domain name can only be done online.

Deletion requests can only be submitted by the Administrative Contact, using the correct userID and Password.

Application Processing

  • Upon submitting the application, the Administrative Contact will receive an acknowledgement e-mail from customercare/@mynic.my. The Technical and Billing Contacts will receive a 'cc' copy.

  • MYNIC will take up to two working days to process the application. Provided all information is correct, MYNIC will then e-mail the deletion notification to the Administrative Contact.

  • Domain name will be deleted after 14 days from the date of the notification e-mail.

  • The deletion e-mail will be sent to the Administrative Contact and cc'd to  the Technical Contact, Billing Contact and the Invoicing Party.

  • Please note that fees paid are not refundable.

  • Other than Transfer Applications, deleted domain names will be made available for registration by any party on a `first come first served` basis.